October 13, 2009

Global Film Festival at Indore - III

13 Oct

1. Woman Next Door (Dir: Francois Truffuat, France) - Truffuat is credited with kick-starting the New Wave in French cinema. 'Woman Next Door' is a fairly regarded film of his. It is, I think, only as complex as one wishes to view it as. A lot is left to the extrapolation of the viewer. Truffuat, it is apparent, is not much bothered about the form (i.e. the camera angles or lighting, etc) but is more interested in content. As a result, obviously, there is not much visual appeal. I'm not the right audience for Truffuat, I guess.

2. Sivaji (Dir: Shankar, India/Tamil) - Well, what can I say. I still remember the hysteria this film generated during its release. I finally got to see it in full. I have always felt that Rajnikant is very entertaining in comic sequences. Same here but rest of the film is strictly for his fans.

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