August 26, 2014

Light of Your Memories

Attempting to translate, from Hindi to English, Dr. Bashir Badr's beautiful ghazal "उजाले अपनी यादों के (light of your memories)" which appeared in his book by the same name. You can read it here.

Let a golden goblet of the morning my heart be
Let the evening lit up by the lamps that my eyes be

May sometime the moon descend from the sky and be a cup of wine
and a beautiful evening to your name be

Strange were the times, and so closed the trades of heart
The mansion of love, however it sold may be

In the journey of the seas, you summon me in a way
that rushes the winds and wanes the day that be

I know the dwelling place where
the bird that fails to touch the sky would be

Let the light of your memories be with me
At the evening of life who knows which lane I'd be

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